David Goldberg - Newsletter Editor


David Goldberg, MA, CCE, CEPC is a chef and educator. Before that, he worked his way through the ranks of restaurant brigades – beginning as a dishwasher, and moving through assorted restaurant kitchens until he was the Executive Pastry Chef at The Cub Room in New York City.


Since 1997, his main focus is culinary and pastry education, with a side step into teaching English and World Humanities during that time while working on his Master’s Degree, which he received in 2009.


Chef Goldberg has been a member of the American Culinary Federation (ACF) since 2008, with certification as both Certified Executive Pastry Chef and Certified Culinary Educator. After 17 years in the Culinary Arts Department of the Art Institute of New York, he joined the Culinary Arts Program at Kingsborough Community College (KBCC) in Brooklyn, NY in 2014.


His current course load includes ServSafe Sanitation, Cost Control, Pastry Arts, and Culinary Arts. In addition, Chef Goldberg has been active in the community through volunteering and mentoring the next generation of culinarians.


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