Upcoming Culinary Competition


  Big Apple Culinary Challenge 2017


This fall we will host our Big Apple Culinary Challenge at New York City College of Technology in Brooklyn.  Culinary Competitions have long offered a chance for culinarians to exhibit their culinary creations to peers and the public.  These events provide excellent opportunities for culinarians to develop their craftsmanship and showcase mastery.  Come show us your gastronomic inspirations!


Professionals and Students will have the opportunity to enter ACF approved competition in a range of categories.  (Individual Contemporary Hot Food, and Hot/Warm Dessert entries,

Individual Cold Food entries are also available).


For specifics on each category, please see the ACF competition manual at the following link -


      - http://www.acfchefs.org/ACF/Events/Competitions/ACF/Events/Competitions/


       Below is the online application link that lists available categories and entry fees -


                  - https://my.cheddarup.com/c/big-apple-culinary-challenge-2017



We look forward to seeing you Saturday October 21, 2017 in Brooklyn!



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